•   Advance Booking (Calendar View)
  •   Room Sales
  •   Stock With Ingredient Setup
  •   Kot/Bot Order Management
  •   Occupancy Analysis


  •   Table Sales
  •   Stock With Ingredient Setup
  •   Kot/Bot Order Management



  •   Gym (Membership Management)
  •   NGO/Construction (Projects)
  •   Spa/Saloon (Employee Attends)


  •   Jewellery
  •   School/College


Rs 0 Set-Up Fee
Rs 75K Yearly


Rs 10K Set-Up Fee
Rs 60K Yearly


Rs 30K Set-Up Fee
Rs 50K Yearly


Rs 50K Set-Up Fee
Rs 40K Yearly

  •  Akalico is a business management cloud application with a vision to help businesses run in a smart, controlled & informed way.

  •  Akalico is made for Entrepreneurs/Business Owners/Investors giving them a controlled mechanism and access to business data anywhere anytime on any device.

  •  Akalico is a business driven application and hence users do not require accounting knowledge to run and manage in an Akalico way.

  •  Akalico is customized for various businesses and caters to all business needs.

  •  Akalico provides true Business picture and hence enables users to reflect on past and plan for future in an informed way.

  •  Akalico does not allow any data manipulation and hence all transactions are traceable.

  •  Akalico enforces users to be accountable for their action and hence provides tighter control over business.

  •  Akalico is not just an accounting software rather a Business tool which enables for complete business management.

  •  Akalico is here to help you and together we can make your Business run the way you have always desired for.

  •  Akalico is SaaS (Software as a Service) hosted on Heroku’s highly secure data centers that utilize state-of-the art infrastructure.

  •  Akalico is developed using latest technology trends in enterprise application.

  •  Akalico runs both Online (as a Cloud Application) and Offline (Local Installation - works without Internet. Data is synced online with Internet automatically.)

  •  Inventory/Stock Management: Stock once entered cannot be manipulated.

  •  Landing Cost: Akalico uses proprietary method to factor landing cost for each stock.

  •  Bucket Based Stock Management: Akalico uses proprietary method to calculate actual FIFO.

  •  Multiple units Management.

  •  Central Billing Management.

  •  Inter-related/Inter-dependent transaction Management.

  •  Cheque Management: Handling Future dated cheques.

  •  Fixed Asset Module: Handling Depreciation.

  •  Payroll: Handling advance payments, leave management & salary.

  •  Reports: Financial, Sales, Purchases, Stock, Payroll.

  •  Charts: Graphical representation of data (Hourly, Daily, Day, Week, Month) on Sales, Visit, Top Item/Group, Expense and much more.

Other Softwares


 Accounting Based and hence most owners cannot understand the functioning

 Business process driven and is designed for entrepreneurs

 Runs as per the Accountant needs and wishes

 Akalico is a Business process driven and always has a single path to follow no matter who the user is.

 Data can be manipulated (edited/deleted)

 Data cannot be edited/deleted. There’s a separate process to handle wrong entries but must follow a rigorous process designed by Akalico.

 No Fiscal Year Management

 Akalico is a continuous system and handles fiscal year programmatically and hence data is not lost.

 Pc dependent, local storage of data

 Not dependent on device and data can be retrieved from the cloud even if the local pc is damaged or non-functional

 Built based on obsolete technology

 Designed/Developed using cutting-edge technology with Big Data concepts and latest technology trends.