Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Akalico, a complete business management application owned, designed and maintained by RoyalePi Technology Pvt. Ltd.(“RoyalePi”, “we” or “us”). This following page will give you an overview of the conditions which will be applied while you are using our services. By accessing Akalico, you signify that you have read this Terms & Conditions document , and agrees to follow the Terms provided.

Use of Akalico Services

Akalico is a complete business management application.

Akalico allows you to use the service and hence forth you have to follow this agreement, provided that:

  1. You will not copy, share or distribute any part of Akalico.
  2. You will not modify or alter any service or any information provided by Akalico till the time you have permission to do so.
  3. You will otherwise comply with this Terms & Conditions provided by us.

Each user must have his/her own login credentials. Login details must not be shared with anyone.

You agree not to use or execute any automated system like “robots”, “spiders”.

Akalico may opt to block,terminate, disable, suspend or even delete your account information and stop providing you services if we find you violating any of the Agreement,including these action which are strictly prohibited:

  1. Attempting to interfere with security and integrity .
  2. Decipher any transmissions to or from the server providing the services.
  3. Uploading any unauthenticated data, virus, worms or any software which affect the Akalico and its flow of work.
  4. Trying to miss-use services provided by Akalico and misleading other user or conducting fraud or trying an attempt to hide your identity.
  5. Trying to hamper proper functioning of Akalico.
  6. Trying to bypass parameters which we may use to provide security to user or to manage the services.

If you learn that any user is violating the Agreement or is not authorised, you can contact us and inform the same.

Personal Information Privacy

Personal Information provided to Akalico by the inbuilt services is governed by Privacy Policy of Akalico. Your selection to use our service means you agree to the Privacy Policy document. You will be responsible for the confidentiality of your username, password or any other sensitive information.


Akalico, Akalico logo, the names, the services by Akalico, trademark of RoyalePi Technology Pvt. Ltd. You agree not to use any of the above mentioned without the prior written notice to Akalico or us.


As per the Terms & Conditions of this Agreement, you are granted a non exclusive and limited personal license to use the services provided by Akalico. Akalico reserves all rights to terminate this license at any time for any specific reason or no reason.


Akalico follows yearly subscription. You will be required to make payment yearly on the date mentioned in the login page.

If you do not make payment, you will be given 3 days extension.

If still payment is not made, your company data will be deleted without prior notice.

End of Terms & Conditions

If you have any queries or concern regarding this agreement, then you may contact us at : aakash.chand@gmail.com