Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Akalico is a business management application owned, designed and maintained by RoyalePi Technology Pvt. Ltd. We know about the importance of online privacy. So we keep our customers Personal Information safe and secure. Akalico will use your Personal Information to give you the ultimate experience in working with us. In the following Privacy Policy we have mentioned about the way we will be accessing your information. In case we do change the Privacy Policy Statement we will keep you updated via email notifications.This Privacy Policy applies exclusively to RoyalePi Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Should you require further clarification, you may contact us at :

Mailing Address: RoyalePi Technology Pvt. Ltd.


Support Team:

  • Personal Information Stored:

    During registration for the first time, you will be asked to enter your Name, email-id, contact number, address. You are required to enter a password for your account. All these information will be used to regulate your Akalico Services available. And we will also use these details to inform you about the new release, features, change in Privacy Policy statements or any other information. We will not sell or share these information for marketing or promotional propose

    • User Details:

      We store and maintain all the data stored by user inside Akalico including email, documents and other information. So that you can have access to your information all the time. And your all information will be safe and secure in all condition even at the time of server failures, deletion or termination. We assure you that your information will not be disclosed to any one, even the employees working at RoyalePi will not be able to access the information entered by you except the conditions mentioned in the Privacy Policy Document.

    • Financial Information:

      In case we request you to provide you your credit card and other account information for processing payments, we will only store the required name, expiry date and account number in encrypted form on secure servers of our reputed Payment Gateway Service Provider who is beholden to treating your Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy Statement.

    • Visitor Details:

      We will be keeping a log of your IP address, browser details, languages, operating system you use, time zone, error generated to analyze the trend, number of views & check proper functionality of our website and improve its working procedure.

  • Information Usages:

    When using Akalico Services, we will monitor your usage details including time, duration, frequency, pattern of use, links used most so that we can improve your experience with Akalico and provide you best service available.

  • Use of Cookies:

    We will be using the temporary and permanent cookies to provide you better experience while using the Akalico and its features. When you will be using Akalico features some temporary cookies will be generated which will be removed when you close your browser. But if you select “Save me” then a permanent cookie will be generated which will be stored in your browser to keep you logged in to Akalico always. And you can access the information without log-in in every time you open your browser. But you have keep your Cookie option disable you wont be able to use this feature.

  • Sharing information:

    We may need to disclose some of your personal information to our partners, service providers and affiliates only for the purpose of providing you facilities in Akalico. We will get your prior consent before sharing or disclosing your personal information to the person out side the Akalico. And we will also assure you that these partners, service provides also follow the given Privacy Policy Statement and adopt appropriate confidentiality and security measures. We may share demographic data not related to personal information with our Business Partners and Advertisers.

  • Security:

    We use the industry based security measures , data collection methods, storage mechanism to store your user name, password and other information which to avoid any unauthorised access, disclose and modification to the user information. Access to your personal information to the employee of Akalico who need to know to provide you complete Akalico support & service for.

  • Editing Personal Information:

    We provide you the option to edit, add or delete any personal information you have added to Akalico. You can do this either by accessing your user account or by contacting the Akalico Customer Support. Such changes will take 24 hrs to affect. We respond to all the queries within 2 working days.

  • Security Concern:

    We try to keep all your information safe and secure and review periodically to ensure that the Personal Information provided by you is used in conformity with this privacy policy statement. If you have any doubt or you are concerned about the security measure and the way your Personal Information is used you are free to contact us at We will contact you and provide you the complete information and data.

Change Notification

We will be providing you with the notification in case there is any change in the Privacy Policy Statements and will be posted to our websites. In cause we find that the use of information is different from that stated at the time of collecting we will provide you email notifications with the option to apply these condition or opt out of these new uses. You will not be receiving any notification in cause we have done any minor changes in the privacy policy document. And if still you are concerned with the use of your Personal Information , you should visit the link Privacy Policy periodically.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy Statement, please contact us at . We shall respond to all inquiries within 24 hours of receipt upon ascertaining your identity.